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4 Things You Can Expect When Working With A Developmental Editor

Developmental editing may be an unfamiliar term to some writers and authors. This is, in the most basic of definitions, is editing that enhances your story. For this article, we will discuss developmental editing as it applies to fiction (memoirs also fall under this umbrella). After you’ve completed multiple revisions on your novel, worked with […]

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21 Ideas for 21 Days of Writing

  It takes 21 days to MAKE or BREAK a habit. I bet we all have a lovely list of habits to break, but what about the good habits? What about the habit of writing everyday? If all it takes it 21 consistent days to form a good habit of writing everyday, then we can […]

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What To Do After Writing The First Draft of Your Novel

Your fingers hurt. Your eyes burn. You haven’t had anything to drink except coffee for the past few days, weeks, year. You are pretty sure you haven’t slept a full night without dreaming about characters and plot lines. You are certain you will never type again. Because you finally finished writing the first draft of […]

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The Allure of the Cliffhanger

Dictionary.com defines “cliffhanger” as: — n 1. A melodramatic adventure serial in which each installment ends in suspense in order to interest the reader or viewer in the next installment. As well as: — n  1. A situation of imminent disaster usually occurring at the end of each episode of a serialized film 2. A situation that is dramatic or uncertain We are all familiar with cliffhangers in TV shows and books; they sometimes excite us or enrage us…or both. As a writer, there is an allure of ending a novel with a cliffhanger (especially ones that […]

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