Form a Habit: 21 Ideas for 21 days of Writing


It takes 21 days to MAKE or BREAK a habit. I bet we all have a lovely list of habits to break, but what about the good habits? What about the habit of writing everyday?

If all it takes it 21 consistent days to form a good habit of writing everyday, then we can do this right? 21 days is attainable!

Not only will accomplishing this 21 day challenge get you consistently writing, but it will also stir your creativity! The more you use your creative muscles, the more naturally creativity comes. After 21 days I won’t be surprised if ideas and words begin pouring out of you joyfully!

But of course, getting started is tough. To help, I’ve listed 21 different ideas for 21 days of writing! Mark off a different task each day! You don’t have to do them in order, but just KEEP doing them. Then report back to us—have you formed a daily writing habit?

  1. Write ONE sentence that describes your day.
  2. What are all your WRITING goals, little to big, for your life? Circle the ones that are attainable this year.
  3. Describe your most recent dream, or a recurring one.
  4. Morning pages—first thing in the morning open a blank document/paper and type out the every thought that comes to you, no matter what it is. Don’t edit, don’t erase or delete, don’t look back at all. Just get out all your thoughts first thing in the morning. Do it for at least 10-15 minutes, or until you hit 3 full pages.
  5. Invent a new language —write out an entire conversation between two people in a language you just created.
  6. Write a blog post. Some prompt ideas:
  7. Craft a (snail mail) letter to your best friend. Send it or not (but hey, who doesn’t love snail mail?).
  8. Draft a diary entry in one of your character’s perspectives.
  9. Review the last book you read (or are reading). What did, and didn’t you like—and why?
  10. Create a book description. It can be real or fake.
  11. Write a story in 140 characters. (And then feel free to Tweet it!)
  12. Use a writing prompt –
  13. Take a scene from your book (or a book you’ve read) and write the screenplay version.
  14. Jot down 3 story ideas or set ups.
  15. Journal about your day. AKA diary.
  16. Pen a letter to your lover that you don’t plan to share with them. Of course, if it’s a good letter, feel free to share it. But the idea here is to not write something with the PLAN to share it, because anything you plan to keep for yourself will be much more honest.
  17. Create a character that is the exact opposite of your protagonist in every way. Or, if you don’t have a WIP, create someone who is the opposite of YOU.
  18. Sit in a coffee shop, restaurant, bar, park, etc. and record the convo you hear at the table behind you. Then add the descriptions and actions you image the people have during this conversation, but don’t look back to verify.
  19. Write a scene you’ll never use—such as placing your a character on another planet.
  20. Write a scene from the perspective of your cat, or dog, or fish, or heck, even your coffee machine.
  21. Compose an award acceptance speech. Who would you thank? What award are you accepting?

Share what helps you write everyday!

 Which prompt was your favorite, which was your least? Are there any that should be replaced?