Growth-oriented services for authors who aren’t like the rest of them.


A book coach will nurture your growth.

This coaching program will require extensive work on both of our sides of the process, and a hefty time commitment.

You will learn so much during this time together, and you’ll be thrilled with the progress you’ve made by the end!

What's included

This 3-month program will consist of:


  • 2 coaching sessions a month (6 total)
  • Weekly or bi-weekly readings/homework (on each of our ends)
  • A plan of action/strategy for your specific needs and publishing goals
  • A polished query letter (or book blurb)
  • Edited & polished first 25 pages
  • High-level accountability
  • Top priority in schedule
  • Unlimited email with response in 48 hours

Who it’s for: This program is ideal for the writer who is tired of talking about their dreams and ready to take action.

We’ll make sure YOUR specific goals are achieved.

While I cannot guarantee publication, publishing deals, or book sales by the end of our work together, I CAN guarantee that if you put in the work, you’ll be amazed at the clear, substantial progress you’ll have made; whether that’s a fully developed outline, a complete first draft, or a nurtured final draft. It’s about time, right?! 

Cost: This 3-month program begins at $2,400. Payment can be made in 3 payments of $800, or 6 payments of $400. If PIF in advance, you’ll receive a bonus coaching session to be used at any time in the 3 months. *Reduced pricing for continued coaching after the initial 3 months. 

Because of the time commitment and limited availability in my schedule, I am selective about who I accept into this program. Book a free consult today to see if we’d be a good fit.

$150 Intro coaching call offer for first-time clients only
  • 50min introductory coaching call for first time clients only
  • Before the call, I’ll review the following: your book description, 1-2-page synopsis, and first 10 pages of your manuscript. *If you don’t have any of these items, don’t worry because we will still do a lot of work on the call.
  • When we get on the call, we will establish where you currently are in your writing career, where you want to go, and how you’ll get there.

Book now!


with a nurturing twist

I provide a range of developmental editorial services from content assessments to high-level line edits.

Nurture Your Vision 

Perfect For:

The writer who is lost in the sea of advice and self-edits. You know your book needs TLC—maybe the characters are 2-D or the plot is iffy—but you’re not exactly sure the right direction to take revisions, or even how to accomplish them.


Cost: $800 for up to 100k words

The details
  • Read through of entire manuscript
  • 90-min call that delivers editorial direction and brainstorming
  • We will explore marketability, character arc, plot, hook, stakes, pace, and genre/audience.
  • Brief follow up questions via email
  • Reread of up to 15 pages [of your choice], with impressions sent via email
  • Add on option (for all packages): $25 to have the session recorded. (Must be decided in advance).

Prune Your Story

Perfect For: 

The writer who has completed at least one round of self-edits and has received beta reader or critique partner feedback. You are ready for a professional impression of the overall story and main areas to place your focus. You are easily able to do additional research and revisions with targeted guidance.

Cost: $1500 for up to 100k words 

The details
  • Read through of entire manuscript
  • 90-min call that delivers editorial direction and brainstorming
  • We will explore marketability, character arc, plot, hook, stakes, pace, and genre/audience.
  • Annotations (comment bubbles) on first 10 pages of manuscript
  • Query Letter review (one pass)
  • PDF of Prune Your Techniques pamphlet
  • Brief follow up questions via email
  • Reread of up to 15 pages [of your choice], with impressions sent via email

Repot and Sell

Perfect For:

The serious author who has taken the manuscript through several rounds of revisions, is determined to grow to their full potential, wants priority attention, and thrives by tactile learning. You are determined to write your best story


Cost: $3200 for up to 100k words

The details
  • Read through of entire manuscript
  • 90-min call that delivers editorial direction and brainstorming
  • We will explore marketability, character arc, plot, hook, stakes, pace, and genre/audience.
  • Annotations (comment bubbles) on first 10 pages of manuscript
  • Line-edits on first 10 pages of manuscript
  • Query Letter Review (unlimited passes)
  • PDF of Prune Your Techniques pamphlet
  • Two additional 50-min coaching sessions
  • One full reread of manuscript after revisions are made
  • Top schedule priority

*Additional line/substantive edits may be considered at an additional cost.

Partnering with Katie has been an absolute pleasure. In every interaction I’ve had with Katie, her passion to help me succeed has been unwavering. Her honest feedback was immensely beneficial for the expansion of my story. She’s pushed me further than I’d ever dreamed and I’m so thankful I found her. She has gone above and beyond my initial expectations. Without any hesitation, I rebooked with Katie for my next two books and I’ll happily recommend her to anyone.

— Robin Berkstresser, Specious series

workshops & courses

 In-person and online workshops tailored for the writer who never stops learning

Diving 7-Miles Deep with Deep POV

March 1-31, 2021

The Pacific ocean, the deepest ocean on earth, is almost 7-miles deep. Can you imagine how many layers of this beautiful life-force are unlocked with every mile down? In this month-long online workshop, we’ll be applying the 7-Miles Deep System to understanding and unlocking the layers of Deep POV in your manuscript. By the end of this workshop, you’ll never want to write surface-level again.

Validate Your Book Idea (Before you start writing or pitching)

June 6, 2021, webinar

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a way to validate your book idea BEFORE your started writing (or at least before revising without knowing why or what you are revising)?  

In this workshop, I lead writers through systems that will validate your book idea so you aren’t wandering around with a drafted manuscript that’s not attracting agents or readers, then realizing you need to rewrite the entire darn thing again

Ground Your Readers From Page One

September 1-31st 

Grounding your readers instantly is necessary for making sure your readers are invested from the start. It’s easy to forget details that keep your readers locked into the story. 

This applies to establishing where we are, when we are, who we are with, and why. And guess what? You have to do this at the start of every new scene and chapter in your book. Learn the essential tricks in this month-long course. 

Writing with Coach McCoach FB community

This a free group for writers who are dedicated to growing their careers. It’s a community for you to hang out in, get feedback, find beta readers, and seek advice on editing and revising.

Do you do sample edits?

When I first converse with a client, I ask about their manuscript goals, concerns, and I request a copy of the first three chapters of the manuscript. This helps me determine if we’d be a good fit, and I use the sample to determine a rate and service for the work. I usually either include a small sample edit of the first 1-2 pages of the manuscript, or I provide a few lines of feedback that reflect the type of feedback I’d provide in a full edit. This gives the author a chance to see if our styles are in sync.

Can you write my book cover blurb?

If we worked on the book together, I can craft cover copy for you for $300. It will include unlimited back and forth.

The other option is for you to craft a draft, and I’ll provide unlimited feedback on it. This is $200.

Best Selling Book Blurbs

What does a book coach do?
As someone recently said to me, “So you doing mental coaching for authors?”
That, and a lot more! 
I finished my first draft. Am I ready for an editor?

You are definitely in a good place for book coaching! Check out the Signature Growth Program or Nurture Your Vision package.

However, if your goal is to dive into developmental editing, then my rule of thumb is if you’ve taken your manuscript as far as you can on your own (and with the help of betas & CPs), then it’s time for a developmental editor.

Writing a book is something huge to be proud of! Give yourself credit. Now, prepare yourself for the hard truth: writing draft one is only the beginning—actually, a fracture—of finishing a book ready to see the world.

If you love doing research on your own, I recommend reviewing online resources and books on craft writing topics like show don’t tell, pacing, POV, deep POV, filter words, sentence variation, etc. There’s a ton you can learn and do on your own that will really strengthen your work, and it will make your time spent with an editor more meaningful. 

However, my editing packages are a great way to receive tailored advice for YOUR story and dreams. 

Is editing when you rewrite the book?

No, this is called ghost writing! 

Developmental editing is a look at the big-picture of the novel; readability, marketabilty, writing techiques, and story-telling.

Much of developmental editing includes an editorial letter and in-line annotations on the manuscript.

However, after several years of providing in-depth edits, my editing style has evolved into a coaching-forward method. If that’s your style, check out my services above. 


Can I skip developmental editing and go straight to copyediting?

Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. Skipping developmental editing is a personal choice, and you know your work best, but if you’ve never worked with a developmental editor, then I recommend against doing this.


Copyeditors can tell when a book has skipped developmental editing. They will either not work on the book, adjust the rate of the work because the scope of work is higher than standard copyediting, or they will quote a much higher rate for editing because they’ll be spending more hours trying to push through content errors. And it’s possible they still won’t fix those errors, because that’s not in the scope of the project.

What is a Critique Partner?

Critique partners are two or more writers who exchange manuscripts and provide insight and feedback on each other’s work. It’s valuable working with these folks because they can help point out things that friends and family may not be able to communicate via the ‘craft’ standpoint.
The best CPs will help you grow as a writer. I recommend CPs be those who write in a similar genre to yours, but at the very least, writers who appreciate the type of genre you write in, as well as your writing voice. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time creating the story that’s right for you.