Growth-oriented services for authors with vision.

Nurture Your Vision with


A book coach nurtures you.

  • Have a book you’ve been wanting to write for years but just…haven’t?
  • Struggling to filter through agent feedback you’ve received?
  • Keep writing your characters into plot holes?


If you’re tired of going at This Author Thing alone, then working with a book coach is for you.

In our 1:1 work, you will be encouraged, supported, and challenged. Not only will you finally have the confidence and accountability to write the book, or revise and pitch, but you’ll learn new methods of storytelling, get real-time feedback on your writing, and be transformed as a writer.

Your stories matter. To you. To me. To someone out there who is waiting to read it.

Work with a coach who will help you to become the author you’ve always dreamed of being. 

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Who it's for:

Coaching is ideal for the writer who is tired of talking about their dreams and ready to take action.

We’ll make sure YOUR vision is achieved.

And we’ll work through some of those pesky mindset blocks that are keeping you from playing big. I can guarantee that if you put in the work, you’ll be amazed at the clear, substantial progress we’ll have made together; whether that’s a fleshed-out character arc, a fully developed outline, a complete first draft, or a nurtured ready-to-be-pitched draft. It’s about damn time, right?! 

1:1 coaching is tailored to your needs.

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with a nurturing twist and focus on growth

Prune Your Story

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Are you lost in the sea of conflicting advice and self-edits?

You know your book needs TLC—the characters are 2D or the plot is iffy, or you’ve received mixed feedback—but you’re not exactly sure the right direction to take in revisions, or even how to begin them. Together, we will create your specific revision and publishing plan to get your story out in the world.

$1,500 for up to 100k words

  • Receive a professional grade read-through of your entire manuscript + a 90-min strategy session. 
  • You’ll gain editorial direction that will bring your vision to light
    • We will explore marketability, character arc, plot, hook, stakes, pace, and genre/audience
    • We’ll workshop ideas in real time
  • You’ll leave the session with a clear revision path and end-goal in sight.
  • You’ll receive the recorded audio & video files of the session + transcript.

Optional add on:

  • Submission Package Review
    • Query letter development
    • Synopsis feedback
    • Polished first 10 pages

Partnering with Katie has been an absolute pleasure. In every interaction I’ve had with Katie, her passion to help me succeed has been unwavering. Her honest feedback was immensely beneficial for the expansion of my story. She’s pushed me further than I’d ever dreamed and I’m so thankful I found her. She has gone above and beyond my initial expectations. Without any hesitation, I rebooked with Katie for my next two books and I’ll happily recommend her to anyone.

— Robin Berkstresser, Specious series

workshops & courses

 In-person and online workshops tailored for the writer who never stops learning

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Your Story Ain’t Sh*t without Great Characters

This masterclass has ended. Sign up to be notified of the next event.  

Work your story like a developmental editor:

Learn the 3 simple ways to diagnose where your character arcs are falling short. 

Image of chair and plant with text "Author Growth Corner"

Nail Your Character Arcs Course

4-week course, kicks off November 6th 

Character arcs are easier to master than you might think; and yes, you can even keep that twisty, fantastical plot!  

Through the use of four simple elements (The GMFS Framework) you’ll build character arcs that have your readers drawing you fan art and begging for the next book.

Includes live group coaching with coach McCoach.

Writing with Coach McCoach Podcast

Take Katie (aka Coach McCoach) on a walk with you or on your commute to work as she shares mindset hacks for writers, speaks to the vulnerable truth of being a creative, and interviews published authors about their path to success.

Writing with Coach McCoach FB Community

This a free group for writers who are dedicated to growing their careers. It’s a community for you to hang out in, get feedback, find beta readers, and seek advice on editing and revising.

How will I know if we are a good fit?

It’s important that you find the right coach for you. When I first converse with a client, I like to get on a 20-minute Zoom call with the author so I can hear about their goals, concerns, and expectations. I want to make sure not only are we an ideal fit, but that we tailor a program that is best for you.

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What does a book coach do?
As someone recently said to me, “So you doing mental coaching for authors?”
Yes, a bit of book therapy, mindset work, story feedback, and a lot more!
Do I need a finished draft to work with you?

Nope! I love helping authors develop their stories and outlines from just a seedling of an idea. If you are struggling to plot a book by yourself or you’d like someone who is in your corner to brainstorm with, then you are in the right place. My tailored coaching package will get you there.

I even offer VIP Plotting Days where we spend an entire work day plotting your book in one day. Can you imagine being ready to write your manuscript after just one day? It’s the best feeling—and we have a blast! 

I finished my first draft. What's next?

Writing a book is something huge to be proud of! Give yourself credit. Now, prepare yourself for the hard truth: writing draft one is only the beginning—actually, a fraction—of finishing a book ready to see the world.

If you love doing research on your own, I recommend reviewing online resources, books, and workshops on craft writing topics such as: show don’t tell, pacing, POV, deep POV, filter words, sentence variation, etc. There’s a ton you can learn and do on your own that will really strengthen your work, and it will make your time spent with an editor more meaningful.

However, my editing packages are a great way to receive tailored advice for YOUR story and dreams and I’ll point you in the right direction for you. Don’t hestiate to book a call and see how I can guide you on this journey.

Is editing when you rewrite the book?

No, this is called ghostwriting!

Developmental editing is a look at the big-picture of the novel; readability, marketabilty, writing techiques, and story-telling.

Much of developmental editing includes an editorial letter and in-line annotations on the manuscript.

However, after several years of providing in-depth edits, my editing style has evolved into a coaching-forward method. If that’s your style, check out my services above.

This article may help you understand the different types of edits and editors

Can I skip developmental editing and go straight to copyediting?

Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. Skipping developmental editing is a personal choice, and you know your work best, but if you’ve never worked with a developmental editor, then I recommend against doing this.

Copyeditors can tell when a book has skipped developmental editing. They will either not work on the book, adjust the rate of the work because the scope of work is higher than standard copyediting, or they will quote a much higher rate for editing because they’ll be spending more hours trying to push through content issues. And it’s possible they still won’t fix those errors, because that’s not in the scope of the project.

For more info, check out this article: Is a copyeditor a developmental editor?