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Writer, do you find yourself doubting your writing skills, confidence, or career dreams? Does imposter syndrome keep you up at night? Does questioning your skillset get in the way of your joy?

Then this free mini-eBook is the exact resource for you! With 8 tried & true, actionable, and easy steps to take, self-doubt will be a thing of Past You.

I can’t wait to meet the writer you’ll be when you are doubt-free.

“This breathed new life into me and my WIP progress! It’s frigid here in Upstate NY, bit it feels like spring in my brain because I’m raring to go!”

Shelby C.

What’s it all about?

Writers get ALL sorts of opinions coming at them throughout their career, whether they are just starting or they’ve been publishing for a decade.

It is not easy to combat the constant comparison, opinions, book reviews, and edits. It can also drain the joy out of writing.

Book coach Katie has worked with hundreds of writers and uses these 8 strategies to help her authors unlock their strengths, confidence, and writing super powers.