If you are an indie author, it’s only fair to warn you that the first part of this article may frustrate you big time, just as it did me.

I was recently at an event and I audibly gasped when I heard a gal on stage say, “Yes, I finally have a legit book coming out! I have two books I self-published, but this is a real book.” 

Did you just gasp too? I certainly hope so. 

I’ve never heard anything so frustrating. 

Authors I know who have decided to make self-publishing their career choice all know the truth: self-publishing is not the “easy” choice. It’s not what they went with because they didn’t want to pitch their book, or because they wanted to “test” publishing first. They did it because it’s a career choice. 

Indie authors are putting up their LEGIT books for sale and keeping almost all the proceeds to themselves. And then they are doing all the marketing and distributing and scheduling too. They are in full control of their publishing career. 

Sure, there are some indie writers out there who don’t invest in all the edits or design quality, but that’s their career approach. Some of us might not agree with it, but it’s still their career choice. I desperately wanted to jump out of my seat, run up on the stage, and say to that gal (and the entire room), “If you self-publish and don’t think this is legit, that’s not because of self-publishing. It’s because YOU didn’t put in what it takes to publish your best book.” 

Do you agree with me? 

Self-publishing is hard! Traditional publishing is hard! Both require so much dedication, determination, and decision making. 

Have you ever sat and written down the pros and cons of self-publishing or traditional? For some, it may be a clear-cut choice based on what they want out of their career, but for others the choice is tough! 

If you self-pub, you are establishing a business. It ultimately all falls on your shoulders (even though you’ll end up creating your own awesome team). If you traditionally pub, you are handing over the reins to another company (but you may enjoy releasing that control so you can focus on just the writing). 

This article breaks down the differences between the two paths (and hey, feel free to go the hybrid route!): https://katiemccoach.com/self-publishing-vs-traditional/

So as a final reminder to all my authors, indie or hybrid or traditional: your choice, whatever it may be, is legit. Any one of these paths is a PUBLISHING choice. If doing a path doesn’t make you feel like a “real” author, then please, just don’t bother doing it.

What path to being an author is the one for you? 

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