What Readers Want: Romance Edition

What Readers Want: Romance Edition

What Readers Want: Romance Edition

We’re kicking off the new year with the start of our What Readers Want series. This month we have an interview with Christy! An avid romance reader and top reviewer on Goodreads, Christy also blogs at Book Babes Unite.

When it comes to romance novels specifically…

1. Sexy people on the cover – yay or nay? Yay! Although I am fine with covers that aren’t sexy. 

2. HEA – is it a must? No, some of my favorite books don’t have a HEA. 

3. Do you read open and closed-door romance? Yes, both. 

4. Is anything off limits? If so, what? There are things I don’t prefer, but I’m not too picky. I wouldn’t say much is ‘off limits.’

5. What makes you fall in love with a Hero or Heroine? Damaged/broken characters are my favorite. I always fall for them the hardest. I also love strong heroines. 

6. Favorite tropes, if any? Best friends siblings, enemies to lovers, forbidden love, gay for you, workplace romance, age-gaps. 

7. Preferred sub-genre (such as paranormal, regency, suspense, etc.)? Cont. romance, NA, YA

When it comes to books in general…

1. What’s your favorite genre to read? Romance

2. Why do you love that genre? I love to read about LOVE! 

3. How do you select a book to read? Usually by word of mouth, or that I’ve read a book I’ve loved by that author so I know I like their style. 

4. Do you judge a book by its cover? I try not to, but yes. 

5. What are your expectations for the book description? What seals the deal? I don’t usually read descriptions. I like to go in blind. 

6. What would be something that would cause you to give up on a book and not finish it? Not connecting with the characters or story, enough errors that it’s distracting. 

7. Self-pub or traditional pub – do you care? I read more self-pub than traditional, but I don’t care. 

8. Is page count a factor? No. 

9. What makes a good series? I love series that can be read as standalones. My favorite is when the characters connect, but each story is ‘complete’ in that part of the series. 

10. What makes a good standalone? An interesting plot and being able to conclude everything in a way that’s satisfying to readers. 

11. Do you base your decision off of reader reviews? Or, do reader reviews influence your decision? Definitely.

So there you have it! The opinions of one romance reader who just so happens to have a large Goodreads following. Book Babes Unite is open to review requests via this form. Thank you, Christy!

Be on the lookout for more interviews throughout the year.


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