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As an author in today’s world, you need to take advantage of everything out there to get attention to your book. One of the best things an author can get is an honest review! But after you receive a review, what can you do?

Besides putting snippets of the review on your website and the book description on Amazon, you can also acknowledge the review by voting it as helpful.


I’ll let you in on a little secret here – Amazon moves the “most helpful” reviews to the top of the list. It’s how they automatically sort reviews on a product, unless a customer specifically changes how to sort them. And let’s be honest, how often do you “sort” reviews? You just look at the first few on the page and make your decision based off those few.

So when you receive a review you or a potential customer can vote for that review as helpful. The more helpful a review is, the more likely others will see that review, and in turn, find it helpful in making their buying decisions. Do you have a few favorite reviews on your book? Mark them helpful! And then watch those reviews rise to the top!

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This is a great way to put attention on the reviewer. After all, the readers are everything to an author, and shouldn’t we reward them for putting in their time and effort to review our books?

Fun tidbit: The most helpful reviewers out on the Amazonsphere are considered “Amazon Top Reviewers” listed as a top 10, top 50, top 100. It’s an honor to be an Amazon Top Reviewer and to have one review your book.

Each time I receive an email saying my review helped a customer I feel so great! I know it’s small, but it’s encouraging. I like knowing I’ve helped someone make a decision. So, authors, I recommend you do this small act for your reviewers and in turn enjoy the results!

*Please note: I highly discourage an author in down voting a review just because they don’t like it. Remember, this is about your reviewers and your potential customer. What reviews are actually helpful? Show your support to those. Don’t be petty. Amazon does catch on to these things and you might find yourself if a poor position.


KATIE MCCOACH is a freelance developmental book editor at KM Editorial working with authors of all levels to help them create their best story possible. Katie is a member of Romance Writers of America and the Editorial Freelancers Association. She has had essays published in TrainWrite and Kalliope and is currently writing a contemporary romance novel. For advice on editing, writing, and publishing visit her blog at and be sure to also follow her on Twitter @KatieMcCoach.

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