It’s natural to want to use the “cheap hook” for an opening of a story. For example, beginning with a line that tricks readers, shows a main character dying, or opening with an exciting moment and then suddenly jumping back into the past to show how we reached this point. I know, we’ve seen it in books and TV over and over, but it never stops frustrating the audience. Sure, these tricks may hook readers, get them curious, but now your entire story hinges on if this hook ends up being worth the wait, and wouldn’t you rather get your readers invested in the actual story from the start?

Ask yourself, what’s the moment that everything changes for the main character? The moment that sends them on this journey?

That’s when your story really begins. And try to tell me that moment isn’t “hook” worthy enough.

(Okay, yes there are some additional thoughts for beginning your book, but I want you to start here because it will get you closer to the right place more than any cheap hook or backstory beginning ever will. Feel free to comment with questions.)

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