Book Review: Idea to EBook: How to Write a Quality Book Fast

Book Review: Idea to EBook: How to Write a Quality Book Fast

dea to Ebook: How to Write a Quality Book Fast by Corina Koch MacLeodI just finished reading C.K. MacLeod’s wonderful resourceful ebook Idea to EBook: How to Write a Quality Book Fast.

This ebook is an extremely valuable tool for authors who are interested in self-publishing but need the steps and tools to get there. It’s also a great resource for editors who work with self-publishing authors as well because it provides insight that will only benefit your professional relationship.

I am very glad I’ve read this book! It’s a quick read (always a good thing when you need to get to the point and your time is limited), and very informative! I was really impressed at how quickly I was able to read this book and feel that at the same time I soaked in tons of new information. Some things I knew, some things I didn’t, and yet there was no point while reading that I felt I was being told too much or too little.

MacLeod also uses hyperlinks throughout the book that will take you to different tools, resources, and helpful articles/books so your learning process doesn’t end with this book. She provides the tools an author needs to create and publish their novel or nonfiction book on their own.  This is a complete DIY resource that all (new) self-publishing authors should have. I found myself bookmarking many pages throughout the book that I plan to refer back to in the future, and to be honest, that’s something I never usually do with a book.

I highly recommend this quick ebook guide and I will recommend it to many of my clients who are new authors looking to break into the world of self-publishing.

I was provided a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and I did not receive any further compensation.

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