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How to Market Your Books Online

Guest post by Rex Stevens Your book is finally finished, but your job isn’t over. Now it’s time to promote your book and watch those sales numbers climb. Social media can help you spread the word, but social media alone can’t get you to your goal. What you need is an author’s website devoted solely […]

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Book review: The Healing Heart by Jennifer Howard

I just finished reading The Healing Heart by Jennifer Howard and I enjoyed the sweet, fun, and energetic writing Howard brings us. It was romantic and fun, although a bit over-the-top but I know that was the author’s intentions. It’s definitely written with flare for passion and excitement and optimism. It’s a sweet tale of […]

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Book Review: Rose of Skibbereen by John McDonell

Rose of Skibbereen (first in the series) by John McDonell was an engaging and emotional ride through the late 1800’s to the turn of the new century. It was very interesting seeing the love, romance, hopes, turmoil, and challenges that these characters went through from around age sixteen to 35. We open with Rose, a […]

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Book review: The Tao of the Alligator and the Crocodile by J.M. Garlock

I just finished reading a very interesting nonfiction book titled The Tao of the Alligator and the Crocodile by J.M. Garlock. I do not usually read nonfiction titles that aren’t narrative nonfiction or memoirs, but for some reason the synopsis intrigued me and I thought… hmm I honestly know nothing about alligators/crocodiles, nor any relation […]

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Book Review: Universe: The Edge of Tomorrow by R.M. Dilleen

Universe: The Edge of Tomorrow (May 2013) is a fantasy/sci-fi new adult novel about the main character, Lidda who is a typical college girl, except she befriends two people, Casra and Reddge who are sort of odd characters in the world. Already Lidda had an inquisitive mind about the universe and her place on earth, but […]

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