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Editing specials exclusive to the #RevPit community

Editing specials exclusive to the #RevPit community If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve likely seen a few (okay, maybe a ton) of tweets about a thing called #RevPit. This is a fantastic contest for authors looking to get their manuscript agent-ready. The winners receive a free month of developmental editing! This is a contest created […]

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Self-Publishing or Traditional: Which One is Right for You?

@KatieMcCoach FOR THOSE THAT are planning to self-publish a book, you may have heard by now that self-publishing is a business. It’s your business, and treating your business with professionalism and enlisting in the required help will help your business (books) succeed. For those seeking agent representation, this idea also holds true, however a publisher is […]

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Why You Should Work with an Editor Before Pitching an Agent

Sending your manuscript out to agents and editors for possible representation and publication is exciting, but mostly terrifying. You hope that your query will make a good enough impression and that an agent will be intrigued and request the full manuscript! How do you guarantee yourself the best chance of hooking — and then landing […]

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What is Developmental Editing? Does Your Story Need it?

Developmental editing may be an unfamiliar term to some writers and authors. This is, in the most basic of definitions, is editing that enhances your story. Have you ever read a book and felt the plot was all over the place, or the characters were inconsistent? Maybe the climax wasn’t strong enough or the story […]

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How An Editor Sees It (#10queries)

I am taking part in an awesome event for writers called Pitch to Publication. It’s run by Samantha Fountain, and she’s amazing for setting this up. In short, this event matches writers with editors and agents with the goal of selling a manuscript at the end. The first part of this event is the selection […]

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What To Do After Writing The First Draft of Your Novel

Your fingers hurt. Your eyes burn. You haven’t had anything to drink except coffee for the past few days, weeks, year. You are pretty sure you haven’t slept a full night without dreaming about characters and plot lines. You are certain you will never type again. Because you finally finished writing the first draft of […]

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