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Twitter Chats

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Are you on Twitter? If so, have you ever participated in a Twitter Chat?

Twitter chats are great ways to connect with readers, writers, and publishing industry experts. Many different companies and professionals host Twitter chats at a certain time each week or month to provide a chance for authors to ask questions of an industry professional. They are also great  exposure for your book or business! Getting involved in social media is a key way to connect with others.

For example, the Editorial Freelancers Association holds a monthly Twitter chat on a specific Friday each month using the hashtag #EFAChat. Anyone who wants to participate in the conversation will want to click on that hashtag link to see all the tweets people have posted during that chat, and to add their own.

Another useful chat that happens pretty often is #AskAgent. Many literary agents participate in this and will answer questions from authors. What a quick and useful way to gain information!

In May I will actually be the featured guest in two twitter chats that I hope you attend! 

k8chat on twitter


The first one is a GREAT chat hosted by Kate Tilton. In these chats Kate uses the hashtag #K8Chat and features new industry experts every Thursday at 9pm EST. This week they will be discussion Writing Critiques, and next week (5/1) I’ll be discussing Fantasy! To learn more about Kate’s upcoming chats and to be sure you are there for our discussion on Fantasy, click here: and follow  #K8Chat on Twitter every Thursday night!


IndieChat on twitter

The second super exciting chat I’ll be participating in is with BiblioCrunch, a huge support center and resource for self-publishing authors. They host their chats every Tuesday at 9pm EST with the hashtag #IndieChat. Last week they had a great chat with CreateSpace and talked about Print on Demand and other topics directly involved in the  CreateSpace process. On 5/6 I’ll be speaking with them about how developmental editors can help make an author’s book better! My speciality 🙂 So please be sure to join us!



What other Twitter Chats have you heard of or participated in? 

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KATIE McCOACH is a developmental book editor at KM Editorial, LLC working with authors to help them create their best story! Be sure to follow her on Twitter @KatieMcCoach.

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