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Book Review Guidelines - Katie McCoach Editorial

UPDATE: I am currently closed for submissions.


Authors have it tough. There are hundreds, thousands, of authors they are competing with out there. Even in the niche markets, there is a lot of competition to just get noticed. I know that it is difficult, and as a book editor, it’s part of my nature to want to see authors succeed. That is why I became a book editor in the first place—I LOVE helping authors succeed and present the best possible work they can.

I want to see other authors who have worked hard to present a great product, to have their chance at being noticed as well.

So for new, established, and self-published authors—I am open for book reviewing. 

*This is different than the editorial reviews I offer as a service, this is for “reader” reviews. to be posted to Amazon &*

Reviews will be posted on my blog as well as Goodreads,, and Amazon. When the blog post goes live it will also be promoted via Twitter and my Facebook page.

Just a few guidelines when pitching:

  1. Send your pitch directly to
  2. Place REVIEW REQUEST in the subject line
  3. Include genre & synopsis/pitch
  4. Include amazon or B&N link

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. I will be honest in my review,  giving both pros and cons.
  2. I will accept print or e-copy.
  3. Books recently published or that will be released in the near future are higher ranked than older titles.

Thanks and I look forward to reading your book!