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Book Review: Freefall by Linda Howell Betz

Freefall, by Linda Howell Betz is the story about a young girl Estelle, starting when she is 15 and at the age of crushes and exploration, and follows her through her life until she is around her thirties. The story begins in 1947 in Kansas City and I think the time period and age of Estelle makes this […]

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Book review of Madness: The War of 1812 by Dennis Byrne

I recently just finished reading Madness: The War of 1812, a historical fiction novel set in America during the war with the British and Canada in 1812 by Dennis Byrne. I enjoyed this book. I thought the writing was strong and the pacing of the story was well done. The story starts around the beginning […]

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Book review: Golf Made Easy! a Backward Approach to Learning Golf… or Is It? by Jeffrey W. Kern

Golf Made Easy! by Jeffery Kern is a GREAT golf guide for beginners and the like. Over the past year my family has picked up golfing on vacations and I had my first ever lesson. I enjoyed it, at first, but then suddenly it became so difficult to play, I couldn’t remember anything I learned, […]

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Book review: The Tao of the Alligator and the Crocodile by J.M. Garlock

I just finished reading a very interesting nonfiction book titled The Tao of the Alligator and the Crocodile by J.M. Garlock. I do not usually read nonfiction titles that aren’t narrative nonfiction or memoirs, but for some reason the synopsis intrigued me and I thought… hmm I honestly know nothing about alligators/crocodiles, nor any relation […]

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Book Review: Universe: The Edge of Tomorrow by R.M. Dilleen

Universe: The Edge of Tomorrow (May 2013) is a fantasy/sci-fi new adult novel about the main character, Lidda who is a typical college girl, except she befriends two people, Casra and Reddge who are sort of odd characters in the world. Already Lidda had an inquisitive mind about the universe and her place on earth, but […]

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Book Review: Tougher Than The Rest by Shirleen Davis

A quick beach read Tougher Than The Rest is an historical romance set in the 1880’s in Arizona. The love interests are Kate, a young lady in distress, quite literally, and Niall, a widowed father. At only 163 pages in ebook format, this book is a quick read. I read this in about 3 days […]

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