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Whether you are a first time writer or a seasoned author (self-published or traditional), editing is essential before your product hits the market.

KM Editorial, LLC provides a wide range of services from critiques to proofreading. We have a fantastic team of editors ready to work with you! *All developmental work is completed by Katie McCoach. Copyediting and proofreading is completed by a vetted team of editors.

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Below are the services offered at KM Editorial, LLC, along with rates. Rates range based on the level of work required and expectations of the client. In order to properly quote a rate for your project, we will request a sample of 1,000 words.

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*We book in advance. Contact Katie today to hold a spot on our calendar.

Critique/Editorial Review:

This is an evaluation of the novel. You’ll receive a 5-10 page, single-spaced report that addresses the strengths of the manuscript, as well as the areas that could use improvement and suggestions for taking it to the next level. This is a “big picture” look at the story.

This is usually best to do before a substantive edit. 30 min. of communication is included.

Rate: $.008 a word
$400 minimum. 

Substantive Edit:

This is a content edit. It involves using Word Track Changes and Comments by noting character motivations, inconsistencies, sentence wording, clarity, tightening the manuscript by cutting pieces that are unnecessary, noting areas that need expanding, and more. This also involves a light edit of the spelling, punctuation, typos, etc., however the main focus is the content. 30 min. of communication is included.

Rate: $.020–$.026 a word.

Developmental Edit:

This is my favorite service to provide clients because it’s the total package! It combines the Substantive Edit + Critique. I will provide a full edit with Word track changes as well as an editorial letter to address the story as a whole. I also offer a multiple-pass version of this—if you are interested please let me know and we can discuss further. One hour of communication is included.

Rate: $.026–$.03 a word.

Re-read report:

This is for folks who’ve had a critique, substantive edit, or developmental edit with Katie. These services likely lead to revisions on your end, and wouldn’t it be nice to know if your changes helped the story? You can have your story re-read and you’ll receive up to two pages of notes in return. You can reorder this service up to three times.

This is read-based only, no edits are performed.

Rate: $.004 a word.

Copyediting and Proofreading:

We have qualified copy-editors on our team who provide light, medium, or heavy copy-edits. These edits focus on grammar, spelling, typos, punctuation, basic fact-checking, clarity, proper tense usage, consistency, and making sure the copy conforms to Chicago Manual Style (unless another style manual is requested).

Copyediting: $.018—$.024 a word.
Proofreading: $.009—$.014 a word.

Final Pass Review:

This is essentially a “cold read” of the final formatted manuscript, usually in a Kindle (mobi) eBook file. An editor will read the eBook version and mark down (in a separate document) a list of formatting, spelling, or punctuation errors that appear, with the exact location/page number. This a great last check before it’s in reader’s hands.

This should not be confused with Proofreading (and proofreading should not be skipped).

Rate: $.005 a word

Types of manuscripts/writing we work on:

Fiction: YA, NA, and Adult only.
 contemporary, romance, erotica, fantasy, science fiction, women’s fiction, suspense, literary & upmarket fiction.

Nonfiction: creative nonfiction, memoir, self-help.

If you are not sure if your work is something we edit, contact Katie and we can discuss the project. If it is not for us, we may be able to refer you to someone more suited for the job.

In some cases, we will work hourly. This is best for coaching, additional project communication, or small projects. *Hourly rate is $65/hr.

Before we begin any work together, we will discuss expectations.

We accept PayPal, credit cards, check, and e-checks.

All quotes are in USD and are honored for 90 days.